Multifamily’s #1 Transactions Platform

When multi-million dollar investments are on the line, industry leaders turn to InfoTycoon by SightPlan.

Unparalleled Transactions Insights

The pressure is on when multi million dollar investments are on the line. That’s why apartment owners and managers turn to a partner they know and trust. InfoTycoon by SightPlan’s award-winning Transactions platform offers a full suite of investment-focused solutions: Due Diligence Inspections, Lease File Audits, Property Needs Assessments, and more. InfoTycoon by SightPlan’s platform was leveraged in over 1,000 multifamily transactions in 2017, totaling $25 billion.

Clients have reported they can speed up the due diligence process by up to 75% by using InfoTycoon by SightPlan. No more waiting days to view reports, you’ll have real-time access to results dashboards, cost information, photos, configurable reports, and more. Most importantly, our solutions deliver the valuable insights investors need to have confidence in proceeding with or walking away from a deal.

Transactions Module

The perfect tool to equip you with everything you need during multifamily acquisitions and dispositions. This insight-producing module includes the following, and more:

  • Due diligence inspections

  • Lease file audits

  • Property needs assessments

  • Pre-disposition inspections

Comprehensive Reporting

With a full suite of thoughtfully-designed reports, you will have the insight needed to be confident in your investment decision.

Real-Time Intelligence

View make ready dashboards, repair and cost information, turnover data, and more, all in real time.

Analytics & Insights

InfoTycoon by SightPlan’s platform empowers you to uncover strategic insights across your portfolio, regions, markets, or inspection types.

Performance Driven Tools

From data entry to dashboards, InfoTycoon by SightPlan offers a powerful suite of Apps and online solutions that streamline onsite processes and drive performance.


People are Saying

Here are just a few things our clients have to say about how InfoTycoon by SightPlan has improved transactions, performance management, make ready, and more for them.

“Using InfoTycoon is one of the best decisions Lincoln Property Company has ever made.”
Lincoln Property Company
Carol Winfrey, Director of Due Diligence
“I can’t say enough good things about the system, their support and how seamless it was in comparison to our manual file audit process and unit inspections.”
Homestead Development
Jared Miller, Managing Director
“Using InfoTycoon changed the game on how Milhaus Management was able to conduct unit walks and seamlessly put reports together.”
Chad Gilford, Operations Specialist
“InfoTycoon has made implementation of our standards and best practices a reality.”
Melanie French, EVP of Operations